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Is This You?

"Oh, no, not me!
I would never forget my baby... "

Tragically, more than 1300 parents thought the same thing. They were mistaken. In 2013, 44 children died after being trapped a hot car. Don't kid yourself there are times when all of us can become preoccupied or distracted, resulting in the unthinkable. What was the value of a Bee-Alert that day? Priceless!

Bee Alert is an audio device which is light-activated. It installs easily with no tools and requires no overt action on the part of the driver. When the driver's door is opened a verbal command instantly reminds the driver to check the rear seat for a small child or pet.

At $19.95 Bee-Alert is easily affordable for everyone..

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Love Is Not Enough

As parents and grandparents we constantly strive to keep our loved ones safe in every situation. When the founders of the Bee-Alert safety alarm learned that hundreds of children and thousands of pets have died after being left in hot cars, they set out to address this problem.

Following extensive research and experimentation the Bee-Alert child safety device was developed. This simple device can prevent a child or pet from ever again being forgotten. As is the case with many safety devices, such as seat belts, you may never know when a life has been saved, but sadly, you will definitely know when one is lost.

Rice University BabyonBoard Senior Design Team wrote:"We would like to commend you...for making a product that focuses on an increasing problem facing parents". They went on to say the Bee-Alert device was easily placed on the car and activated. They also noted that the verbal reminder is effective. "


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Bee-Alert is pleased to announce we have received US Patent #8,847,747 for the Bee-Alert Child Auto Safety Alarm. If you would like to become affiliated with us and become a distributor please contact for more details.