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Children Safety Products

We are all distracted or preoccupied at times. When we are charged with the care and safety of babies or small children it is unacceptable to imagine any of them being left behind in an unattended vehicle.

Children Safety Products


Why Bee-Alert?

When the inventors and founders of Bee-Alert Safety Products LLC learned that hundreds of innocent children have died after being left in cars they became determined to do something about it. As parents and grandparents themselves, they set a goal: create a solution. Now, with Bee-Alert, they have that solution. The "Child Alert" device is a creation that is brilliant in its simplicity and eminently affordable to any and all families. After exhaustive research, product development, and trial and error, this simple, uncomplicated tool was invented. Never again should the tragedy of a child forgotten in a car haunt us. Bee-Alert was developed to be an affordable, simple to use solution.

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"I bought Bee-Alert because it seemed like a simple way to remind me and my wife to check before locking the car. It was easy to install and I feel like it has been a great value."

Kevin S., Phoenix, AZ